Learn the practical detailing concepts and how to apply them to real-world problems and decisions.

Detailing is a job for perfectionists. Experts in image and high standards, detailers need to know how to labor the bodywork of an vehicle from a technical point of view. Even though the goal is to result in a stunning shinny and protected surface which increases the appearance and attractiveness of the vehicle’s and as a result, its value.

Our products for detailing have been designed to provide the perfect tool for detailers and all car care professionals.

The objective of the training is to master your skills that high-value vehicles for all kind of customers and markets: rental car markets, bodyshops, garages or for companies that increase the value of vehicles to resell them. And of course for high-end detailers who work for the most demanding customers.

Train your team

Tell us your team’s development needs and we’ll come to you with a specialised training programme, customised for your organisation.

What options are available?

Off the shelf – we can deliver any of our training courses at your chosen location, providing you with a cost-effective and efficient solution

Tailored courses– our personalised programmes can help you work through issues specific to your team or sector and equip you with the practical tools you need to move forward

Train in our training centers – we use blend of theoretical and practical method to ensure your team have the knowledge and skills they need to help your business thrive