ZviZZer International



Zvizzer is a company that produces and sells products for polishing.

We are different! And so is our brand. We understand detailers needs and develop products from a technical point of view to offer them a . Our goal is to offer the best quality product within a technical support to improve the day to day of detailing studios. Our are of expertise are polishing pads. We are the brand with the widest range of pads on the market (all sizes, all formats for all the machines).Zvizzer Pads are integrated in our colour system. Our colour system has been designed to combine pads with polishes and other polishing tools. Zvizzer colour system make easy to work both to easily choose the right product for each imperfection and to avoid mixing the compounds. ONE STEP is our last star product. A heavy cut polish combined with the properties of a Fine Cut compound and the counting. We know time is very important for your business. With ONE STEP you can Cut, finish and protect in just one step.

Zvizzer Glass Effect sanding system is an advanced and safe system to sand different parts of the bodywork surface to get rid of the orange peel and get the attractive glass effect. Coatings, accessories and the unimitable Leather Paint System complete our range of products. Made in Germany, Zvizzer products fully fit the higher quality standards during all the process of production to assure the highest quality.
ZvizzerUK.com are the official and only importer for the United Kingdom.